Multichoice High Band Migration

DSTV Migration to ‘High Band’ and what this means

On the 24th of August 2016, Multichoice successfully launched their new satellite called Intelsat 36. This new satellite will be used together with their existing Intelsat 20 satellite to transmit a ‘Low Band’ and a new ‘High Band’ DSTV signal.

The reason for the inclusion of this new High Band signal is simply because Multichoice has run out of Bandwidth on their Low Band satellite (currently used), and can no longer add any additional channels in HD and later, UHD, or any new services. The new satellite will be positioned directly behind the existing satellite so that our dishes can pick up both signals.

Most DSTV Communal Systems in South Africa can only accommodate a Low Band DSTV signal and would therefore need to be upgraded to include High Band. If the System is not upgraded, then it would mean that all existing channels that Multichoice migrates to High Band would be lost. Any new channels or services that are added would also be unavailable.

Click on the PDF document below for a full System Breakdown as to what can be expected and what the current options are for your Estate: